What to do about gear shift lever sticking in park? on 2002 Isuzu Axiom

I have to push the knob in to release the lever several times and often use both hands. Once out of park, the lever moves easily from gear to gear (reverse to drive, etc). Is there an easy remedy, or does this require a mechanic. If it does need to go to the shop, can you give a general estimate of what I should expect to pay?

Thanks so much for your help.

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The other answer is correct. You'll notice a lot of play side to side. We get ours out of neutral by pressing the button and wiggling the shift lever left and right while gently pulling it backward. NEVER try to force the lever by yanking it hard with both hands. You'll only make it worse! Gentle is the key.
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It is common for the Isuzu Axiom shift lever to eventually have to much play sideways. This will cause the button to be difficult to push if you are pulling the lever to the left. Generally with your foot on the brake, you can slightly nudge the lever toward the passenger door and the button will work fine. To replace the shifter would cost appox. $500.00 because you have to take the entire console apart. Or you can slide a thin wedge against the left side of the shifter lever to help hold it solid in position along the right side. The wedge can be a thin piece of plastic, not to thin that it falls down into the console and not to thick that you break something. I've seen this help before, hope it helps you.