2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Q&A

2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Question: What to check for intermitten loss of csp or ckp.

I have already replaced the crankshaft sensor and the pick up coil previously before this. What do in need to check out now. Thanks. -
Answer 1
You have an intermittent no start in other words? -
Comment 1
It starts fine. It does not run right. It bucks and does not shift right when it's warmed up. Have checked the wiring and it looks fine. -
Comment 2
Any trouble codes in the computer and if so what are the numbers? -
Comment 3
Don't remember the code. I have a call into my mechanic who did not have time to look at the truck yesterday. I will reply back when I get the code. -
Comment 4
That will help! -
Comment 5
The code that was coming up is p1391. -
Comment 6
How many miles on the engine? -
Comment 7
The truck has 147,000 on it but the motor has been replace before I bought it and they could not remember how many miles on it be it was to be lower than what the truck has. -