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1997 Toyota RAV4 Question: what should the voltage be at the EGR VSV connection

PO 401 NEW VSV shows no vacuum. EGR line off Q port attached to vacuum pump ing. on o vac. with ign. off will some time hold 15 in. when ing is turned on it looses vacuum. Replaced VSV & modulator. no changes. I have been able to find the suggested voltage @ the VSV plug. po401 (2 codes) -
Answer 1
I would go to this link and follow this article. I wrote this as I do Emissions Diagnosis and Repair at a Gold Shield Station in Calif. A P0401 is somewhat common on Toyota and they can be stubborn to resolve. The passages have to be 'perfecto' clean. http://repairpal.com/OBD-II-Code-P0401-Toyota -
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replaced VSV & modulator. With EGR tube off and vacuum pump attached modulator port Q,with ing. on no reading. Sometimes I have vac. at Q when ing. is off,wnen turned on I loose Vac. I think maybe ...