What should the interior of the trunk lid look like? on 2000 Mercedes-Benz CL500

I had my car serviced and I think a carpeted panel is missing from interior of trunk lid. Dealer is telling me I am crazy. I have owned the car for 10 years and I immediately saw it looks different with an exposed turnable clip. I think they lost the panel and don't want to admit it.

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The interior of the trunk lid should be fully carpeted. There should be a green trunk release button in the center. Also, the area around the latch will have a plastic cover.
Apparently your model year is before the interior trunk release button was installed. I looked into your issue a little further and found that some models have umbrella holders on the trunk lid as well. In addition, the area you mentioned for the hazard triangle varies from car to car. Some vehicles have an indent in the carpet to fit the plastic case for the hazard triangle and some do not. Also, some may have two plastic clips to hold the case, while others rely on velcro to affix the case.
Thank you for your response. There was a carpeted panel that covers what is apparently in European models a slot for a big hazard triangle. The carpeted cover fits in this slot. In my 2000 model I don't recall a green release button.

I am upset that the dealer tried to tell me I was imagining a cover that I have looked at for 10 years. I am original owner of the car and keep it in very nice condition, so a missing part bothers me. I appreciate your confirmation.
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Thanks again for the follow up. There is an indented triangular space in the center of the lid and it has a turnable black plastic latch at top and below it at two base corners of triangle are slots in the carpet. I know a carpeted cover fits in this space.

No umbrella holder. I am following up with the dealer. My part is probably floating aroiund the shop somewhere.