What should it cost to replace the timing chain on my 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman? on 2009 Mini Cooper S Clubman

The dealership says it will cost $1950, which is "parts only" - they have previously (within last 11 months) repaired the timing chain by replacing/installing a timing chain tensioner. Now they say the whole thing needs replacing. My car only has 52,000 miles. They also say the water pump is leaking, that the seal is loose. I don't trust them.

by in Atlanta, GA on October 18, 2011
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ANSWER by on October 18, 2011
then get another opinion. you dont have to believe them. the pricing sounds very high and you need to get other bids if the repair is needed. Roy
COMMENT by on October 19, 2011
Thanks Roy - I think I'll do that.
ANSWER by on October 18, 2011
I would get a second opinion as Roy said. On 2007 model year t/chain replacement is 11 hours labor, water pump replacement not being done as part of a t/chain replacement is approximately 3 hours labor.
ANSWER by on May 04, 2012
It shouldn't cost you anything! There are design issues with this engine. Make sure the chain is the issue and not carbon buildup.
COMMENT by on May 05, 2012
I agree, Jason, and I'm in a continuing fight with Mini over this. That, combined with their entirely absurd oil change schedule (every 15,000 - 20,000 miles - hah!) has caused me unending grief. But what I did was go to an independent repair shop and get them to fix it (and replace the water pump) for a reasonable cost. I also got them to clean the engine entirely - because there was carbon buildup due to the oil change schedule - and now I change the oil every 5000 miles - and get Mini to pay for it. The last time I was at Mini (for a recall on - guess what - the water pump) I made them give me a sample of the oil - that they said wouldn't need changing for another 14,000 miles - and it was absolutely sludgy & thick, after 4000 miles. Mini should be ashamed.
COMMENT by on January 25, 2015
Hello, Zenith. I have a 2009 Clumban; the tensioner shattered on the interstate; luckily I wasn't killed! Needless to say it jumped time, resulting in a need for a new timing chain, tensioner, etc. to the tune of $1,800. I suppose I should be grateful that damage to valves, pistons, etc. did not occur, probably due to my refusal to follow Mini's oil change schedule. I'm curious as to how you went about logging your complaints and how you are able to have Mini pay for your oil changes? thanks, Daniel Foster Johnston

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