What should I replace when I have the clutch replaced? on 1998 Toyota RAV4

Rav4, 4WD manual. Most what I read suggests dropping engine and trans to replace clutch. Besides clutch and its associated repairables, what else should I have done? Oil and/or water pump? Timing belt/chain? Valve job (blows a little smoke on start after sitting)? Thanks in advance

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Just the clutch and go from there..
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If you havent done the timing belt and water them. Also replace the valve cover gasket. Replace the rear main seal. Check the slave cylinder for the clutch. The smoke is a result of worn valve guide seals. Very common. To do a complete valve job you will need to remove the head and send it to a machine shop. That is your call. The seals can be done without removing the head if you have access to the right tools. If you haven't had another shop start the work let me know. I am a former Toyota Master now running my own shop. If you are doing it yourself I would be happy to advise. Feel free to contact me.
Lets talk...I'll probably start this in late April (I winter in FL...Rav$ winters in MN).
Get a hold of me when you get in town. Smart to winter out of the tundra. lol