What Should I Pay for Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement on 2004 Honda Civic

I am considering buying a used 2004 Honda Civic EX 2 door 4 cyl automatic. It has 77,000 miles so will need a timing belt soon. Since it is recommended to replace timing belt and water pump at the same time, can you give me an estimate on the cost for replacing the 2 together. I will figure this into the negotiating price for the car. Right now he's asking $6,500. Thanks for your assistance.

by in Plainview, NY on September 02, 2012
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ANSWER by on September 02, 2012
600-800 depending on your area. Roy
COMMENT by on September 02, 2012
Thank you Roy. I appreciate the prompt response because my Dad was planning to look at the car tomorrow. I surfed some other sites online also and $600 was in that ballpark.
ANSWER by on September 02, 2012
No way! I had a 2002 Honda Civic and my mechanic charged about $500 for the water pump and timing belt. I recently had my 2006 Acura TL's water pump, timing belt and serpentine belt and it was $500. Also, my I had my Lexus EX 330 (2005) done for $350. I got estimates for a couple thousand for each car initially but I looked around; I went to 7 or so mechanics. Use one mechanic's price to lower another mechanic and negociate. Good luck. Do not spend 6500; that's a rip off.
COMMENT by on September 02, 2012
Thank you so much. This is great info. I appreciate the prompt response, because my Dad was planning to check out the car tomorrow. Thanks again.
ANSWER by on September 02, 2012
Be careful where you shop for prices. Just so you don't get hit with surprises aftrwards , get the estimate based on a civic equipped with ABS (module and brake lines in the way of mount removal and cam seal replacement). Have them include t=belt, tensioner , water pump , and both cam and crank seals ,and drive belts for A/c and power steering. LOTS of competition on pricing these days and lots of shops quote ONLY t- belt replacement to start , then 'hit' you with all the other 'problems'. Also get the VIN# and go to a dealer and have them check (free) for all recalls and warranty extensions that are needed or available for it.
COMMENT by on September 02, 2012
Thanks for the great info. I will definitely get the full estimate for everything that should be done. Thanks for the info about the dealer.
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