What service should I do on 07Murano v-6 200,000mile? Timing or...What all??? on 2007 Nissan Murano

Car has never even had a tune-up so obviously plugs & usual tune-up parts.
I'm just wondering about maybe the timing chains or what all services should be done?

Dont mess up a good thing! Take it to a good mechanic and let him do what is 'nessessary'! Cant beat a hands-on inspection from a knowledgeable tech. So much for all these so called 30k check up deals everybody talks about!!
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upgrade ignition coils to performance grade. more conductivity, bigger spark, more power.
upgrade spark plugs to premium type(e3).
upgrade from conventional air filter to high air flow design(K&N).
rec. fuel system clean. ethanol treatment to 1 tank premium fuel.
rec. oil stabilizer treatment with next oil change. this will recondition seals and cylinders(improve compression).
have serp. belt and timing chain inspected.
have brakes inspected. have brake fluid inspected.
have suspension(don't forget about the shocks) inspected.
have tranny inspected.
have tires inspected.
have diff. serviced. too many people neglect this.
repack wheel bearings.
big list but you asked. just how i treat my ride. gotta know it's safe.