2007 Cadillac CTS Q&A

2007 Cadillac CTS Question: What scheduled maintenance would have detected a bad lower compression rod?

We bought this car with 40,000. It has 63,000 on it now and the compression rod is bad. How could regular scheduled maintenance prevented this? -
Answer 1
I think you may be referring to is a connecting rod? Is the engine making a knocking noise? My guess you may be dealing with a connectiong rod bearing failure. Oil change maintenance intervals can be a key factor if not done regularly. Other things could cause that bearing to fail also. -
Comment 1
The oil changes were done regularly. From what we can figure out the only other scheduled maintenance due while we owned it is spark plug changes at 55,000 miles. -
Comment 2
If you have not owned the car since it was new....maintenance that may have been done or not done by previous owner could have been cause of the bearing failure. -
Answer 2
you could not predicted a rod going out. -