What recourse do I have if same issues keep occuring after repair? on 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

Acceleration unpredictability as if cruise control is on, check engine light, throttle sticking, replacement of battery too often, cabel issues, transmission acting wonky, everything you can think of keeps happening and its all sensor related. I fix the probs and the sensors. We are talking $$. Now, its in again. Thing is, I am way overdue on Timin belt change, though I've changed the serpentine belt and several hoses, oxygenn sensors, more than once. frustrated.

return to the previous shop nad in a nice way express your frust. and see if they will help.we are human and make mistakes but we are reasonable if talk to about issues pertaining to our work. NEVER SAY IT DIDN'T DO THIS B4 YOU WORKED ON IT. BE NICE AND THEY SHOULD HELP YOU OUT HOPEFULLY AT N/C
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Give Adrian a call at Milt's. (707)643-7548. Probably time to cut bait...