2012 Toyota Prius c Q&A

2012 Toyota Prius c Question: What r the lines that run under the car

Took car offroading now whatever, lines that runder the car are kinda hanging and krimped what are those lines or does anyone have the diagram for under the car -
Answer 1
The vehicle is still under warranty. Although I really would like to be a fly on the wall to listen to your explanation where you have been driving. Good luck -
Answer 2
Party on! Just make sure the brakes still work ok and no fluids are pouring out of it before driving it to get repairs. Next time try an off road vehicle, if one is available that is. -
Answer 3
Jack the car safely on jack-stands or ramps and examine lines closely to see if they are electrical wire harness come loose or vacuum hoses or gas lines to the tank.If they are crimped, sounds like gas lines or vacuum plastic lines or maybe brake lines. If in doubt and it can't be fixed at home,then have it towed to shop. -

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