What procedures to do for a used car purchase? on 1996 Honda Accord

I just bought this Accord. It's got 138k on it, and it was driven by this nice Japanese guy I work with for 2 years. The only maintenance he did on it was change the oil; I want to ensure that this thing will keep running for a long time, so I want to know what steps I should take to make it that way. So far I'm going to
- Replace tires, balance wheels
- Alignment
- Possibly replace rear struts
- Replace the transmission fluid

Can anybody recommend additional steps to take to ensure this car will run forever?! (:


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Check to see when the timing belt was replaced. It should have been done at 90K. If oil changes only have been done you might want to replace the coolant, air filter, and spark plugs. A valve adjustment wouldn't hurt either. Also this vehicle could be under an extended emissions warranty from Honda, so you might want to check with a dealer to see if your vehicle qualifies and if so what the extension covers.