What possible causes for suspension to shake and feel unstable above 50mph? on 1998 Audi A6 Quattro

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Steering shudders, feels as the wheels are about to disconnect from the front when travelling above 50mph
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Also, check and possibly replace the sway bar end links. Other than that, maybe a half-shaft CV joint is starting to fail.
tire balance,tie rod ends, ball joints, upper strut mounts, control arm bushings.. Loose tires..
I have replaced all tie rods, arm bushings, ball joints and fitted new rims and tires. Balancing has been carried out too. Confused...
After replacing all that did you get an alignment? also this ais an all wheel drive vehicle, have you checked the front drive axles (cv joints) and after replacing the stuff was the axle nut torqued propperly?
front wheel bearings could also cause shaking..
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