what parts do i have too take off to replace hose that goes out back of water pu on 1998 Ford Crown Victoria

i did some troubleshooting i had a coolant leak, i found it its in back of water pump thers a metal hose that goes back about 12 in then thats were coolant is weaping out of,that hose is metal i was wondering does it turn to rubber and how in the hell i can get to it. A/C was just blowing very hot air befor leak now it starts working just till coolant gets low was it clogged uP? THANKS

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It a heater hose that goes under the intake manifold, it has got to come off! Another better idea. However if you are pretty handy with a wrench it aint that bad, bet there is something on youtube. Yep just checked, google 98 Ford 4.6 intake replace & check out the videos. I did not watch them but it's bound to help you decide.

Hell i couldn't stand it so i checked it out, one shows a way to do this without removing the intake!
man thanks hell of alot !!! Bypass it is
Yea no #hit! I am glad you ask your question too cause like the guy in the video said unless it is a show car wtf difference does it make?
im bypass'n tomm ,just them hoses i cut r left open under manifold? or should they be good or closem up?
Dont worry about them! Just leave them open. When routing new hose just keep it away from sharp objects that may cut/wear a hole in it, cut it long as you can always trim it later. Be a little easy with the hose back at the heater core, just split it with a sharp blade and peel it off as not to damage the core!