what parts are needed to fix suspension on all four wheels on 1995 Lexus LS400

hit a huge bump and my lexus lowered 4 inches, mechanic says all springs are shot, broken

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must have been a huge bump to do that much damage

do you have air suspension??

I won't know but, the mechanic says all four 'springs' are broken and I need to replace all four 'something'.
The car has 311 thousand miles on it so, may be a lot of wear and tear over time and this incident caused to to totally brake down.
if he said springs, then i will assume you do not have air suspension.
we install quick struts which are complete units made by monroe. the fronts run around 249 per side.
the rears run around 299 per side.
the labor is 1.9 for the front and 2.8 for the rears. add an alignment for 79 and hope there is no further damage to the suspension.
it is pricy but needed.

so, the total, installed cost would be?
based on prices in pa. about 1700 give or take 10%

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