what part sends power or activates the fuel pump on 1994 Volvo 940

i can be riding and my car will just die, i can sit for a minute and it will start, while im sitting there i can try it and cant hear the fuel pump come on wait a couple seconds try again, the only time it cranks is when i hear the fuel pump activate. sometime it does it a couple a times a outing and sometimes it doesn't happen a all

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Possible fuel pump fuse...not in a wiring schematic but it is on the side of the battery.
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seek diag from a good mech
I would go with globalhelper on this one, because there are many possibilities here. If the ignition is not working, the fuel pump will never turn on, so your assumption may be incorrect.
A few things to be aware of on this vehicle are the fuel pump relay and RPM Sensor. But the fuel pumps also fail, as do the MAF Sensors. All can cause similar symptoms.
I suggest you look for a shop in your area that specializes in Volvos or European cars: