What part do i need for this problem? on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 97 Chrysler Town and country...... my serp belt falls off every time it rains and only when it rains, so i got under the hood and dumped a cup u water over the idler pulley and my belt flew off......i have replaced every pulley uder my hood except the drive,A/C,and power steering pump. Im stumped here and need someones help!

by in Erie, PA on November 26, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 26, 2010
Is the correct belt installed? Isn't it a bit longer? Did you replaced the whole tensioner assembly and not just its pulley? Also, do you have the splash guard installed under the engine? Zee
COMMENT by on November 26, 2010
Yes i have tryed all of that :-( There is suppose to be a shield that goes over the idler pulley but chrysler said they dont carry it nemore and i cant find it online newhere........
COMMENT by on November 26, 2010
Here is a Technical Service Bulletin from Chrysler: If you post an e-mail, I can send it to you so you can see the graphics also. Number: 07-02-99 Group: Cooling Date: June 4, 1999 SUBJECT: Serpentine Belt Slips Off Idler Pulley OVERVIEW: This bulletin involves replacing the bracket that the idler pulley attaches to. MODELS: 1996 - 1999 (NS) Town & Country/Caravan/Voyager 1996 - 1999 (GS) Chrysler Voyager (International Market) NOTE :THIS BULLETIN APPLIES TO VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH A 3.3L OR 3.8L ENGINE. SYMPTOM/CONDITION: Loss of power steering assist and occurs when driving through deep snow or standing water. Snow or rain can enter the engine compartment from underneath the vehicle and force the serpentine belt oft of the idler pulley. DIAGNOSIS: Visually inspect the serpentine belt and idler pulley to determine it mis-alignment exists (If the serpentine belt is off the pulleys install the serpentine belt). Start the engine and let it run for one minute before checking alignment). The belt should be approximately 2mm (0.08 in.) from the inboard edge of the idler pulley (Figure 1) when alignment is correct and this bulletin does not apply. If the belt and pulley appear as in Figure 2, perform the Repair Procedure. PARTS REQUIRED: 1 04612412 Bracket, Engine Mount AR (1) 04861322 Belt, Serpentine REPAIR PROCEDURE: THIS REPAIR IS COMPATIBLE WITH DAIMLERCHRYSLER'S MOBILE SERVICE PROGRAM AND DOES NOT REQUIRE HOISTS OR OTHER FULL SERVICE FACILITY SPECIAL EQUIPMENT. 1. Remove the serpentine belt from around the idler pulley by rotating the tensioner clockwise (Figure 3). 2. Remove the purge duty cycle solenoid and wiring harness from the right side engine mount. 3. Remove the two right side engine mount insulator vertical fasteners and loosen the horizontal fastener. DO NOT remove the large nut in the center of the core of the insulator (Figure 4), 4. Remove the load on the engine mount by carefully supporting the engine with a floor jack. 5. Remove the vertical and horizontal fasteners from the engine side bracket. Remove the engine mount assembly. 6. Remove the idler pulley from the engine mounting bracket. (Figure 3). 7. Remove the engine mounting bracket 8. Install a new engine mounting bracket. Torque the fasteners to 40-68 Nm (30-50 ft lbs.). 9. Install the idler pulley to the engine mounting bracket. Torque the fastener to 40-68 Nm (30-50 ft lbs.) 10. Properly route and position a serpentine belt onto all pulleys except the idler pulley (Use a new belt if there is any evidence of damage to the original one). 11. Rotate the belt tensioner clockwise until the belt can be installed onto the idler pulley. Slowly release the belt tensioner. 12. Install the engine mount; torque the assembly in the following order, engine mount to rail fasteners 68 Nm (50 ft. lbs.), vertical fastener 102 Nm (75 ft. lbs.), and horizontal fastener 150 Nm (111 ft. lbs.). 13. Install the purge duty cycle solenoid to the engine mount. 14. Start the vehicle and let it run for one minute then turn the engine off. 15. Verify the serpentine belt is properly aligned (Figure 1). 16. If the serpentine belt has moved toward the outboard edge of the idler pulley, further diagnosis will be required. POLICY: Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty. TIME ALLOWANCE: Labor Operation No: 07-20-20-96 0.7 Hrs. FAILURE CODE: P8 - New Part
COMMENT by on November 26, 2010
COMMENT by on November 26, 2010
Check your e-mail.
COMMENT by on November 26, 2010
Thank you for all ur help.....one more ? I know i can find this bracket cheaper online, so where would i go to do that?
ANSWER by on November 26, 2010
This was a common problem on the 3.3 and 3.8 engines. Gates has a redesigned belt and pulley kit that will stop this problem. Also double check the cowling drain is connected on the belt side.
COMMENT by on November 26, 2010
I understand the pulley situation but i already replaced the tentioner the belt and the idler pulley i dont see y i would have to replace parts that r already brand new.....and i dont see y chrysler wont fix a problem that could cause me to get into an accident, and get hurt in ne type of way it is there design problem!?
ANSWER by on November 26, 2010
theres a cover to keep water form splashing on belt or you may have to make one,you are not useing same belt use a new belt then make something to keep water off belt
ANSWER by on December 14, 2010
if u have replaced the tensioner and it still dont stay on get the next size bigger belt
ANSWER by on September 23, 2014
all these do this when it rains. spend $350 for a better belt system, or drive like a little old lady, making slow, easy turns and slow accelerations.
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