what octane fuel on 1997 Lexus ES300

what octane gas should a 1997 es300 be using for best operation

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Healthiest would be 91, but is it really necessary? Probably not - many people do fine with 87 octane and get the same mileage etc. Just gotta test it for yourself and see if you notice any difference - what you really need to do is have someone else fill it up for you at random octanes so you don't have that "placebo effect" ;) - http://www.clublexus.com/forums/es300-and-es330/444979-fuel-octane-rating-for-a-1997-es300.html - many people on this site said they noticed no difference in performance or mileage. - Good luck with the info! - Dale in Twin Falls, Idaho. Done Right Automotive Service