What needs to happen to change rear engine seal and/or change oilpan gasket on 2002 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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It looks as though my rear engine seal is leaking although it looks as though it may be coming from the pan (perhaps running along the seam)
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Are you certain the oil leak is not coming from up top and running down? This engine is notorious for a leak at the high pressure oil pump...o-rings leak and need to be replaced.
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You've got some real work ahead of you. You'll be removing the transmission to get to the rear seal. That means you will have to remove exhaust, driveshaft, transmission, flexplate and then you can get at the mail seal. Probably 5 hours for the portion. The pan gasket is just as difficult depending on 2WD or 4WD. Probably another 12 hours give or take.
Thank you Hal.The oilpan has very little clearance as this is a 4x4 dually the crossmember is very tight to the pan.What is the likelyhood of the leak coming from the pan itself?The oil is coming from the rear of the engine and I pulled the cover off the torque converter it is difficult to say that it is definetly coming from the seal or the pan.
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Clean it up with brake clean and monitor. If it's the seal you'll have oil slung everywhere in front of the flexplate.

Remember to replace the flexplate bolts. Looks like exhaust can stay in place...
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