what muffler should i get for my 2004 tsx , on 2004 Acura TSX

i need something not too loud just a lil noise .something that wont burn too much gas...

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Turbo flow muffler sounds pretty good but as far as fuel consumption, don't think it will change enough to ever tell the difference!
cool... thx for your answer..but is there a specific name or brand lol i really dont know nothing about exhaust systems and my price is not more than 450$..
Google, Dynomax or Flowmaster muffler to see if one of those will do what you want it to! Have a muffler shop give you a price one installed, then shop around, the money amount you stated is way more than enough! Check ebay as well.. Keep in mind the muffler shop can fit most anything to your existing exhaust system!
thx a lot ill check these out
You bet!
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