What might be my problem ? on 2004 Chevrolet Impala SS

When I am at a stop and I start from a stop it like hits hard or like a little jerk or slip not sure but only from a complete stop and not always

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Chevy dealership couldn't solve this problem on my car. My transmission shop knew exactly what to do. They replaced the EPC (electronic pressure control) solenoid. Transmission now has 190,000 miles with no additional problems. The solenoid is less than $100 but requires about 6 hours of labor. Total cost of repair was $490 not including tax.
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ck trans fluid level and condition of fluid
possible tranny issue. take it to a tranny shop for diagnostic run to confirm or dismiss. tranny tech. will advise.
It's your traction control trying to stop the wheels from sliding. Push the gas softer and it shouldn't do it.
I want an answer from someone. I don't know the answer to this problem.