What makes your car shut off? on 2001 Nissan Maxima

It does it in park drive and neutral. Could it be the Maf or the IACV?? What else could make the car just shut off. Could a bad o2 sensor make it do that?

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you go miles. seek a diag and est from a good mech
Not the anwser they look for ....but the only correct one most of the time...HAGD Greg.
hagd ? spell im out for an old guy
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litterly could be hundred differnt reason your can stalls. I reccomend you get to know a good mechanic in the area that you live and let them evaluate what's wrong. Get reccomendations from friends, coworkers, and family for a good mechanic.
already had a diag. and had someone look at it still to no avail. it still does not work and i have been asking around and still no one knows. but uh thanks anyway!
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