What make an engine run hot in only one cylinder? on 1996 GMC Suburban 2500

misfire code p-1345

by in Commerce, GA on July 06, 2013
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ANSWER by on July 06, 2013
All OBD II misfire codes are as follows, PO 300 to PO 308 for a V8! Why do you think it's overheating on one cylinder only? Do you mean misfire on only one cyl.?
COMMENT by on July 07, 2013
Thanks for your response. The information on OBD-ll code is new to me I will recheck that. the reason for one cylinder running hot is just a feel. It looks like the heat off the engine is more pronounced to the rear of the engine (#7 cylinder). The temp. gauge reads normal along with oil pres. I am going to borrow an infrared eat gun to see more accurately. Could the rear main bearing? and if so is there any way to check without pulling oil pan?

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