what maintenance procedures are called for at 60000 miles on 2007 Kia Rondo

what procedures are called for at 60000 miles? Does the timing belt need to be replaced?

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Normal Schedule Items at 60,000 miles include:

--Oil and Filter Change
--Tire Rotation
--Multi Point Vehicle Inspection
--Replace Engine Air Filter
--Replace Cabin Air Filter
--Replace Evaporative Canister Filter
--Replace Engine Coolant
--Replace Timing Belt
--Inspect Engine Valve Clearance

Add to that list the replacement of Transmission Fluid (Automatic) to comply with "Severe Duty" requirements (I would!!!).

Outside the actual manual, I would also advise it is a good time to replace your spark plugs. Kia says 100,000 miles...I say...while you're checking valve clearance it's a no brainer.

Hope this helps - I know it is quite a laundry list at 60,000 miles...