What keep car from starting after normal warm-up on 2004 Kia Sedona

I have replaced the temp. sensor and I am still getting a PO118 code.Car will start good when cold but will not start after reaching normal temp.Could this have anything to do with the control module.The car isn't overheating.Thanks for your help

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did you replace the coolant temp sensor or the temp. sending unit?
Yes I replaced the ETS.the other one is for the dummy light.Thanks for the reply
you may have a wiring issue or high resistance in the circuit
I sent for a manual on a disc and hope I can trace the wiring from the sensor to the module.I was also told that it could be a short from the battery.I can start the car up when it is cold and keep restarting it until it reaches normal temp.Then it's like the fuel is shut off and the battery runs down trying to start again.Thanks for your input and if you can think of anything else be my guest
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