1998 Ford Mustang Q&A

1998 Ford Mustang Question: What is.suppose.to be in the hole with a garment on top the valve cover on left

I opened hood and there wasnt anything in mine and was.smelling oil burning on exhaust and lost gas mileage and motor idles up down from 1100 rpm too 800 -
Answer 1
FORD did not use the 2.3 four cylinder in a 98 Mustang! However i am going to guess it is the pcv valve you are talking about, it should be there somewhere hanging on a hose close by gromet. -
Comment 1
Yes it is a 3.8 it put the 4 cyl on there itself. Anyway the passenger side has no pcv in it and the other pcv is run to the breather tube?? -
Comment 2
Only one pcv valve! The breather is what lets the pcv valve work! So you need a pcv valve! Engine should be running rough or to fast at idle, is it? Google image search: (98 3.8 ford pcv valve location) on my screen it was the top left picture, click on one of these to see where it goes! Also under the hood is a vacuum hose diagram, check that out as well. -