what isint the problem oh the radio on 1993 Dodge Intrepid

i've been having problem after problem with this car. it has a problem with over heating. it keeps leaking anti freeze. ive changed the theromstat twice, the power steering belt broke, the out put speed sensor, this is all in a matter of what 9 months. it has over heated twice and busted somethings that the anti freeze is pouring out. My new problem is i was on the high way coming to a toll slowing down the speed gage went to zero i was doin like 60 then popped back up to normal the car did this jump thing the whole front end jumped then i paid the toll and it was stuck in second gear it seemed like i was trying to make the car go at least 50. it felt heavy like i was pushing the car to go. well i get it to the machanic i guess it overheated and the car was fine i was driving again on the e way and it did everything all over again. a friend of a friend said it wasm the output speed sensor maybe. but when i took it to the shop they couldnt find the problem that was 3 weeks ago. so i just havent taken it on the e way at all. well i went out side today and there is a big puddle of anti freeze on the floor. i moved the car and theres no anti freeze on the floor in the new spot. that was bout noon and its nine at night now. i have had just one thing after another with this car help please

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Run from this car it will nickle and dime you to death