What is wrong with my car and how much will it cost to fix it? on 1999 Volvo S80

If you have some spare time on your hands and feel like doing a little reading and most importantly if you are interested, type into your seach engine - i use google, something like 1999 Volvo S 80 T 6 cluster panel or 1999 Volvo .....ABS Module. You can spend hours reading about things here and it starts to get confusing.

Here are my cars symptoms:

Last week sometime a red light came on suggesting I did not have my seat belt on. I did infact, but maybe since I have seldom worn it it went into shock. No actually, I was kiddding about that part, but it did come on and it has stayed on.

Then, I was unable to unlock my trunk which was weird.

finally Friday night, while driving, the ABS light came on and 20 seconds later the entire instrument panel went completley dark. Nothing worked on it.

In addition to no instrument panel, the power door locks did not work, the sunroof did not work, no interior lights worked and the ac fan worked but did not blow out cold air, only hot air.

However, the headlights worked but only the low beams, the radio worked and the windsheild wipers worked.

Yesterday, Jim disconnected the battery and left it that way for ten minutes. Reconnected and still had the same problems with instrument cluster but the locks sort of worked as well as the ac now blowing cold air and the windows working. After drinving for 1/2 day the ac cold air quit working.

This morning got in it and started it up and the entire cluster panel came on and everything worked. Did not turn on AC as I was afraid to.

So, in some way all of this is related. But thinking of parking it and leaving it while the panel works. Just would like for you to do some reading to see your thoughts. Not that important though if you have no interest. Just like to get your thoughts. By the way it has 184, 000 miles.

This problem just started last week.

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Hey Jim,
Your car has a network of computers, and these computers all control all these items you mention. If there is a disruption in the network, all computers can be affected, and that sounds like what is going on.
Since this is a sophisticated network of computers, you need to find a very good, highly trained Volvo tech to look into this.
I suggest they look at the ABS module first, they have been known to cause this type of network issue.
Good luck
Thanks a lot Bret. Looks like you may have solved it. I will have a Volvo Tech look into it and hope it doesn't cost too much. Thanks again. Jim