what is wrong with my car? on 1999 Ford Mustang GT

my belt started smoking and burning after I turned on my defroster and set temp. to cool!!

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agree with #1 or many other issues
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Your a/c compressor is seized up. Get a professional to attempt to turn the outside hub of the compressor. If it doesn't turn, yoyr compressor is seized.
Thank you!! So does this affect the heater to? Been afraid to even turn it on.
Yes, in defrost or mix mode, the compressor engages to keep the humidity out of your car. If you unplug the cycling swith, usually located on the side of the a/c accumulator (most easiest place to unplug or the compressor itself) you can continue to use your heating system but when it comes winter time you may need to carry a roll of paper towels to wipe your windshield. Clarence @ Clarencee's Auto Repair, Remington IN
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