1999 Ford Mustang GT Q&A

1999 Ford Mustang GT Question: what is wrong with my car?

my belt started smoking and burning after I turned on my defroster and set temp. to cool!! -
Answer 1
Your a/c compressor is seized up. Get a professional to attempt to turn the outside hub of the compressor. If it doesn't turn, yoyr compressor is seized. -
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Thank you!! So does this affect the heater to? Been afraid to even turn it on. -
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Yes, in defrost or mix mode, the compressor engages to keep the humidity out of your car. If you unplug the cycling swith, usually located on the side of the a/c accumulator (most easiest place to unplug or the compressor itself) you can continue to use your heating system but when it comes winter time you may need to carry a roll of paper towels to wipe your windshield. Clarence @ Clarencee's Auto Repair, Remington IN -
Answer 2
agree with #1 or many other issues -
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