What is wrong with my brakes? on 2007 Hyundai Azera

The brake pedal appears soft and depresses more than normal before engaging the brakes. I had the master cylinder changed and the brakes serviced but the pedal is still softer than I'm used to. What can the problem be?

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#1 & #2 are correct. Just one thing to add. IF yours does have drum brakes on the rear , and parking brake is self-adjusting , then try releasing (re-setting) the parking brake adjustment and with no tension on that , then adjust rear shoes to proper tolerance. THEN go back and set and release parking brake several times to set. HINT-- if ,while raised in air , the rear wheels spin real easy and don't stop for several turns BUT your parking brake works really good, then I might be on the right track. If that's not the case .............never mind. Good luck!
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check for a leak if no leaks try bleeding the system
i am assuming that the brake system is properly bled ( meaning the master cylinder was bench bled, and all parts are put on properly and manually bled) the rear brake shoes may not be properly adjusted.