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2005 Chevrolet Tahoe Question: What is wrong with my 4WD.

The problem is intermittent. Sometimes when I start the car, the indicator is in 2WD. Sometimes it's in neutral, sometimes it's in 4WD Low. Sometimes no lights come on. After a number of engine starts everything is good. What should I replace first? The dash selector swith panel, something on the transfer case? Thanks. -
Answer 1
The dash actuator/slector switches do give some trouble on these vehicles! More so than other componets. -
Comment 1
Any idea what the repair/replacement of the selector switches costs? I'm thinking you're right on this because when the lights on the selector are functioning, I can shift into both 4H and 4L then back to 2WD, no problem. Do you recommend getting the cluster from a junk yard or buying new? My car is almost 10 years old. Thanks. H. -
Comment 2
Check out ebay, I have found some good deals and parts there! NAPA has it also but check the dealer first, sometimes they are cheaper!! -
Comment 3
I'll do that. Thanks. H. -
Comment 4
Get a new one though, used may have the same problem. -
Answer 2
My 4wd was having issue going in and out of 4wd and sometimes it would get stuck in 4wd low and enter 4wd low on its own. I fixed this by changing the front differential fluid. I believe it was low and being low didn't allow the 4wd actuator to function properly. -
Answer 3
I replaced the dash switch and problem still occurs -
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