What is wrong if clicking noise is coming from the engine/transmission? on 1995 Honda Civic

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When I engage the clutch in just about all the gears there is a clicking noise. I hear just about two clicks. I say engine/transmission but I am sure it is coming from the transmission. It has done it before and then stops but now it started again. Could weather have something to do with it? because I've noticed it happens when there is a change in weather. I could really use a great answer! Very detailed answer. I probably won't take your advice if you just say "clutch". So please give me some information. I would be very thankful! If you have any questions about the problem/car just let me know.
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Don't take our advice anyhow!! As #1 & #2 answers stated it could be several different causes, so it's best to have it test driven by an experienced mechanic. Are engine mounts definitely good? Has front suspension been checked for cracked/worn bushings or other suspension parts? Can you duplicate the symptom easily for someone while you're test driving it with them , to be sure they 'hear' the same noise as you are??
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Very difficult to anwser the question you have without actualy hearing the noise. Could be the cltch, a worn drive axle or any number of other things. I recommend that you find a good (real) mechanic and let them advise you.
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