what is the stability system ? on 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT

my service stability system light comes on and stays on. whene i bought it the guy said he had serviced the stab system and that i probably need to unhook the battery cable to reset the light, and the onley thing he did was put shocks on it. dose that have anything to do with it?

the stability system helps control your cars body roll through turns and uneven turrain,and yes changing the shocks can effect the reading of this system making the light come on.unpluging the battery shouldn't make a difference in the reading or else the dumba** that you bought it from probably would of done it his self.sometimes the manufacturer will set a certain code like my 08 dodge ram when i poped a tire the tire light came and wouldnt go off even after i changed the tire until i did the reset code which was put the key in the ignition dont turn it pump the brake 3 times take the key out put it back in and turn it on. call a peputable dealership and see if there is something similar that you can do to reset the code but disconnecting the battery will not make a difference. but worst case you'll have to send it to a shop and have them reset the code via a computer.if the vehicle is running fine and it comes to sending it to a shop and you dont have the money and your sick and tired of seein that light put a small picture of a family member or your better half over it.
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if all the guy did was change the shocks than possible another issue at work here. should get suspension inspected by professional tech. to confirm or dismiss. if suspension checks out than get quote for reprogram.