what is the repair time to replace a rear main seal for a 1996 toyt rav4 4wdr on 1996 Toyota RAV4

how much does a main seal cost, not the original toyota part but the generic brand. 1996 toyt tav4 4 wheel drive with anti-lock brakes

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agree with miles totally
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you will have to pull the tranny out first so i agree with both#1 and#2
Its a rather labor extensive job. Book time for both a auto or manual transmission exceed 12 hours. So how bad is that seal leaking and how many miles on that engine? Likley its high mileage and I would advise my customers that its no way anyone can offer an abosulute gurantee that it will not leak even after the seal is replaced. Also if Im going to that much work its really no need to try and save a few bucks on a aftermarket part. Your major cost is labor on this one. Also better make sure its truly the source of the leak. Oil leaks are easily misdiagnosed.
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