What is the reason for the engine wouldn't start? on 2011 Audi A6

The car sometimes cannot catch fire, even on the road will fire, need to wait for about two minutes before they can play on fire, what reason is this?

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Use matches!
Along with a fluid with a low flashpoint!
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take it to dealer could be still under warranty
The engine in operation process all of a sudden flameout and cannot start phenomenon is generally because the engine suddenly cut off oil or suddenly broken fire caused, most cases are due to engine control circuit or performance related control element of instability caused by the.
There may be related to the phenomenon of false line contact, specific reason must be according to the actual situation of vehicle field test.
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Find better translator for codes. May be faulty bs sales detector.
My car was like this. I tested a lot of itens and I finally found a bad contact at the Crankshaft position sensor.