1998 Toyota Camry Q&A

1998 Toyota Camry Question: What is the rattling I hear from under my car when the road gets slightly bumpy

I recently changed out all four strut/spring assembly's but the rattling sound remains.. Could it be control arm bushings are worn out? My car has 170000+ miles and still runs great. -
Answer 1
did you replace the strut mounts? -
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I'm not sure, I bought the strut /spring assembled from o'reily and installed myself. Would the strut mounts have been on the assembly ? Or is this a part that I need to replace separately ? -
Answer 2
Front,, rear, where does it sound like it's coming from? Check rear sway bar links, tap exhaust with a rubber hammer to check for rattle. More info will help! -
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Originally, I was sure that it was the shocks rattling around. Now that I've replaced the whole strut assembly and the rattle is still there, I'm convinced that I'm a moron. -
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don't take it so hard im sure they were old anyway.lol -
Answer 3
poss catt or sway bar bushings just a guess.seek an inspection from your mech as not to waste money -