What is the popping noise coming from... happens when turning (rt or lft) on 1997 Ford Taurus

A loud popping noise always happens when turning far right. Had motor mounts replaced which mechanic said was the problem, but it still makes the sound.

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poss bad ball joints get them ck'd by a mech
Replaced front ball joints two years ago. Are these the same as the stabilizer links?
No. the stabilizer links are different. Also called sway bar links
OK. I will have those looked at. Thank you very much...
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Being a ford Taurus.....I would check your stabilizer links. They have metal ball ends protruding into hard plastic cups. The cups wear out and they bounce in and out making this noise. Have checked and if faulty, replace both sides of front. Good idea to do this in a pair instead of one side.
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