What is the name of the Valve at the RR under the bumper? on 2001 Volkswagen Cabrio

Hi I need a little help with this 2001 cabrio. The check Engine light comes on with the code P1476. This car has 165080 kms on it.I need to know the proper name of the valve under the rear bumper On the RHS. it looks like a small hose is broken off? will this cause the INT check Engine light? The screws look very rusty holding the sensor in. it has 2 wires . My email is

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The P1476 code is for a defective Leak Detection Pump, or LDP, which will definitely cause your engine light to come on when driving. Now this component may be the LDP, but look at the part at a VW dealership to make sure. In any case, the LDP will need to be replaced and the component that you mentioned will also need repair or replacement.
Thanks so much for the help! what I ended up doing was replace the rear brakes pads ,rotors & calipers as they were siezed! & the brake pads were gone! steel to steel!. As for the valve at the back what I did for the owner as she was almost broke & she is going to sell the car to pay the taxes that she has to pay! I got a vacuumm plastic tube & cut it in half & then I epoxied it to the valve! then stuck the small plastic hose onto the new tube! I cleared the codes & then drove it for 4 days almost 40 miles each day! & the check engine light never came back on! I guess i got lucky! but Thanks! a ton for the help! all the best to you!