What is the name of the bar that has two motor mounts screwed onto it on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

And the lower control arm or at the bottom of the shock its like six screws to pull out it goes acros . The bottom from tire to tire.

Front frame crossmember/K-Frame...... If needed, check salvage yard......... ebay!
But he said 'bar'? I long since A/B bodies..........
I know exactly what you mean!
Yea this person pissed me off bar or steel!
A bar would be a solid round object , while 'stamped steel' would be a flat piece of steel stamped into the necessary shape (like a crossmember or 'k-frame') big difference. Sorry , wasn't meant to piss you off , just to get a more accurate idea of what you were looking at. We get lots of partial info in many questions asked here. Good luck.
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Bar or stamped steel? Maybe you mean part of the 'subframe'?
All i see is bar or stamp steel. Wat kind of bar sir?
take a photo with your camera phone and bring to shop.Can't help anymore.
Where is your shop?