2001 Chrysler 300M Q&A

2001 Chrysler 300M Question: what is the most likely problem with my trans as I cant afford to pay a shop

car was driving fine then stopped at a light and when I tried to take of it wouldn't go anywhere so i towed it home and jacked it up and messed with the wheels a lil bit trying to see if I could see any broken parts didn't see anything wrong and everything seemed to be working fine so then I let the car down and it drove down to the end of the street and back fine until I tried to pull back into the drive way when it just stopped working again jacked the car up again and again everything seemed fine and seemed to be working properly until I tried to pull back into the driveway again I was told that the cv shaft was prolly broke in the tri-pod cup so I removed the boots and everything looks fine so can someone plz help me out -
Answer 1
get a free diag from aamco then post results and codes that they found -