What is the most likely cause of an oil leak from the front of my engine. on 2002 BMW 325xi

I have already replaced the valve cover gasket. That seemed to help. However, the engine will sometimes run a little rough when I start it and the oil light comes on. If I shut the engine off after a minute and restart it. It will pure like a kitten and the oil light goes off. Could this have anything to do with the VANOS control unit? How do we find the leak? Thanks, Bill Poirier

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seek diag and insp to location of oil leak from your mech
I am in the process of working with a mechanic. Should I get a specialist? Thanks, Bill P.
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Usually leak on front of motor coming from crankshaft seal.
Wow! A crankshaft seal leak on this car is expensive to fix, right? I was hoping it might have been the VANOS solenoid valve or the VANOS Control unit. They seemed to be a little easier to get at according to the repair manual. I will let you know what I find out. In the mean time I have been driving the car. It seems to drive and handle great. Thanks for the advice! Bill P.