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1993 Dodge Intrepid Question: what is the location of the T C U fuse

Where exactly is the t c u fuse located on a 93 intrepid? thanks very much! -
Answer 1
You can sometimes find this sort of information and diagrams to help you at www.autozone.com. Try the "Vehicle Repair Guides" link on their homepage. -
Answer 2
every thing was workin fine woke up this mornin and the a/c wont come on and the windows wont down any sugestions and the air bag light is on and the abs light is on -
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I have a 93 Dodge Intrepid ES and everything was working fine and then the power windows won't work, the airbag light is on and the ac/heater control panel has no power.. Can anyone help me fix this? I checked my fuses and it seems as if they are all fine... Any suggestions? -
Comment 2
i had the same problem, cleaned battery terminals and all wires to them. pain in the butt to get to but worth it. never had problem again. -