What is the fuel pressure supposed to be on the 5.3? on 2001 GMC Yukon

I have 171,174 codes. No vacuum leaks found.Fuel filter replaced. MAF seems to be working properly and has been cleaned with no change apparent. TPS reading good. Big time bog when you give it gas. Picks up pretty good when you partially close throttle in the middle of the bogging. I am suspecting low fuel pressure/volume but need adapter for my gauge.Those things should be standardized, like tire valves. And why the heck don't they provide fuel pressure info to the scanner? Don't expect an answer to the last two questions. Just looking for the fuel pressure spec. for the '01 Yukon 5.3 motor.

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Keep in mind the intake gaskets on this engine are known for vacuum leaks but usually the symptom is rough cold idle! Smooths out warm. Does sound like a possible fuel pressure issue.
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