what is the front end wheel alignment specification on 1995 Ford Escort

I need to know the toe in
Camber and caster degrees

Asked by for the 1995 Ford Escort
NOTE: All specifications reflect a full fuel tank, radiator coolant and engine oil at specified levels; and spare tire, jack, and tools in designated positions.

Maximum Steering Angle:

Inner 40°±2°

Outer 33°±2°
Total Toe-In:

mm (in) 2 ±3 (0.08 ±0.12)

degree 0.2°±0.3°

Caster Angle 1°55' ±55'

Camber Angle -0°05' ±45'

Steering Axis Inclination 12°±25'

Total Toe-In:

mm (in) 2 ±3 (0.08 ±0.12)

degree 0.2°±0.3°

Camber Angle -0°20' ±45'


Rear Toe-In Side to Side Limits 0°±24' [1]

[1] Specification requires that rear toe-in setting be adjusted to maintain a thrust angle within these limits.