What is the estimated engine life of a ML55 AMG? on 2000 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG

I'm looking at buying a used ML55 AMG with 140,000 miles as a second car primarily for snowy weather. How many miles additional miles should I expect?

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I have over 201,000 miles on my 2000 ML55 and still going strong!
I agree with your comment b/c I also own the same limited edition that still looks and run well. Speaking of issues...Have you or anyone experienced issues with your A/C with this type of model? I had own my vehicle since 2005. Never had to place feron in it until 04/2011. During that time it was checked for leaks and was informed that everything was perfect. Anyhow, I took my vehicle to a Mercedes dealership in Orlando since I was informed it is considered a classic and all of my cost will be 1/2 price and I needed my service B completed. Literally, less than 2 weeks my A/C stops working in 01/2012. Took it back to the same Mercedes dealership in 03/12 b/c now it is getting hot outside. They inspected it, found no leaks, supposedly recharged and placed 1.7 lbs of feron in the vehicle, and dye. Get 2 weeks, my vehicle was blowing hot air. Yesterday, 03/26/12, took it back to mercedes dealership, they claimed no trace of leaks or electrical problem, but I have an exp. valve that is leaking the feron. This valve is visible to the naked eye, yet they were not able to spot this significant problem before Strangely, I didn't see any yellow coloring from that area of the value or anywhere underneath the hood as they demonstated. Only dark oily substance around the valve, which they claimed caused the leaks. Is it me, b/c that doesn't make sense. Any one with this model experienced A/C problems that could give me some advice? Thanks!
I have 220,000 without any AC problems on my 2000 ML55. My wife's 2000 ML430 had the exact same problem you are describing. Had to change it and then the compressor started leaking two weeks later. That was about a year ago and since that repair we have had no problems. 126,000 on her ML430.