2003 BMW 330xi Q&A

2003 BMW 330xi Question: What is the cost to replace the gasket for the oil filter housing

What should it cost to replace the gasket between the oil filter housing and the engine. -
Answer 1
I believe the gasket is under $20 and it takes about 3 hours, so it depends on the shop rate in your area, but I guess your parts and labor should be around $ 260-300, add oil and oil filter (not required, but suggested) and degreaser / parts cleaner to get rid of the oil from the engine. Zee -
Answer 2
Went to SAVE AUTO in San Diego, CA to fix oil leak for My 03 F150 Crew. They replaced the oil filter housing gasket w. oil change for $150.00 (Labor $120.49, Parts $27.14 & tax $2.37)Hope this helps @tjlascala -