what is the cost to replace lower intake gaskets on 1999 Buick Park Avenue

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how much to replace the lower intake gaskets
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we charge about 650-700 parts and labor. it could be different in your area due to labor rates.

thank you could you tell me what parts are going to be needed.
Figure about $600 parts and labor, give or take for your economic climate where you live. About $100 - 125 in parts, about about $400-500 in labor.
what are the parts going to be besides the intake gaskets
You will be draining coolant, so fresh coolant will be necessary. You will be accessing the upper radiator hose - may be a good time to replace that while you're there. Same thing with the belt and tensioner - while you're there, check those. You will need thread locker for the intake bolts on reinstallation.

That's all I can think of right now...of course doing the job, something else may be noticed and advised. Also, broken bolts and a stuck EGR tube could be a problem on removal too.
should the plenum be replaced as well I have been told that was a GM mistake on that engine.