What is the cost for a 60,000 mile service at a lexus dealership? on 2005 Lexus ES330

What work is performed?

Asked by for the 2005 Lexus ES330
your owners manual will give you a list of items,alot of the items are to ck and adv cust so its very hard to put a price on it until the visual insp is done. sorry.
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check owner manual
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You may also check with your local Toyota dealership. Their prices tend to be less than at Lexus for the same work. In addition after you check the owners manual you may find that other than a few fluid changes the 60k service might be a bunch of inspections that can be performed at any reputable service garage for less than at the Lexus dealer. One last point - Lean how to change the air and cabin filters yourself. You will save a lot of money if you do that and it is really simple.