What is the correct tool to replace the inner tie rod?
on 2000 Saturn LS1

The auto store has a tie rod tool kit but, the three adapters are too small or big.

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snap on and mac tools make great inner tie rod tools. they run around 45-60 but are well worth it.

Roy thanks, would you happen to know part no. for the correct tool kit for a 2000 sl1 saturn?
You sometimes need to wedge a piece of metal in the gap to make it work. Or, there is a removal tool that looks like an exhaust clamp that attaches to the end and you use an extender bar with a socket to use it. See if either of these options work for you. http://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view;_ylt=A0PDoX8tMEVP3hIAzdCJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?back=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.search.yahoo.com%2Fsearch%2Fimages%3Fp%3Dinner%2Btie%2Brod%2Bend%2Btool%26n%3D30%26ei%3Dutf-8%26y%3DSearch%26fr%3Dyfp-t-701-s%26tab%3Dorganic%26ri%3D15&w=500&h=500&imgurl=s7.sears.com%2Fis%2Fimage%2FSears%2F00960678000%3Fhei%3D500%26amp%3Bwid%3D500%26amp%3Bop_sharpen%3D1&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pricethattool.com%2Fbrand%2FCal-Van-Tools%2F3.html&size=28.9+KB&name=Cal-Van+Tools+Inner+Tie+Rod+Removal+Tool+-+946+Best+Price&p=inner+tie+rod+end+tool&oid=6dca8f3ff0c1bde0fc8ae941481479ce&fr2=&fr=yfp-t-701-s&tt=Cal-Van%2BTools%2BInner%2BTie%2BRod%2BRemoval%2BTool%2B-%2B946%2BBest%2BPrice&b=0&ni=32&no=15&tab=organic&ts=&sigr=11n6a7tvk&sigb=13tk7blq8&sigi=12c7ri5s5&.crumb=5TkwGM7xvUv