what is the commom mileage to replace shock absorbers? on 2000 Ford Taurus

I'm doing my research about what is the cost of operating a vehicle over different roads. To do that I need to know when usually people change their suspension before that actually fail. I know that people change their suspensions when they loose ride comfort and safety. My question is what is the common mileage for a car driven in normal condition when people will feel that their suspension need replacement.

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There is not an average mileage for shock absorber replacement. This varies depending not only on how the car is driven during its life, but where it's driven. It also varies by the quality and design of the vehicle.

Shock absorbers are not generally maintenance items. They should only be replaced if they fail. One thing to pay attention to is whether the models you are looking at have a history of failed suspensions--especially electric or air shocks. Cadillacs and Mercerdes systems are know for this. You may find some guidance in the common problems section of RepairPal's Car Info center.
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they tell you every 50,000 miles but how is it riding, what type of payload do you carry, and is it bad enough to risk other problems. some other issues will let you know such as tire wear out not do to alignment. also is this is your only means of reliable transportation or can you put up with it because i only drive this thing a couple of days per week? if this is your one horse stay close to the manufactuers advice on this one in your owners manual. airforce 1